Black Zia will be host to husband and wife duo Michael Arndt and Debbie Palmer

Michael Arndt and Debbie Palmer are a husband/wife artist team living in Seattle, WA. Both Debbie and Michael primarily use found objects and repurposed materials to create their art.

Michael makes whimsical folk art figures, welded sculptures, and functional items such as stair treads, handrail panels and lamps.

Debbie works mostly in mosaics and tin, creating tin plaques and mosaic wall hangings, murals and memorial stones. Common themes in her work include peace and our relationship to nature.

Whether it is a gas pump nozzle found by the side of the road, shells and rocks, broken ceramics or a decommissioned electric boiler, Michael and Debbie can see the endless possibilities for incorporating these objects into works of art. Combining their analytical abilities and individual aesthetics, they visually approach each project as if it were a puzzle, creating unique art forms from random materials, giving them new life and purpose.

Debbie will be showing with her husband Michael Ardnt at Black Zia in the main gallery for the month of September!

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Be Free by Debbie Palmer 

Be Free by Debbie Palmer 

Oh nuts by  Michael Arndt

Oh nuts by Michael Arndt