A Photographic Art Walk - Join us for September 3rd's B-Town Beat

Come celebrate our region's talented photographers at this month's B-Town Beat Music and Art Walk!

Here are our featured venues this month. Make sure to check them out and visit the Art Alley! Click on the artist's name for more details:

Poets West at Phoenix Tea - Poetry
Printmakers at Burien Arts Gallery - Prints
Jenny Corcoran and Hunter Stroud at Burien Books - Photography, Mixed Media Art
WB Reid at Maven Mercantile - Jazz/Blues
Photography at Osteria da Primo
Ryan Burns Trio and Narboo at Black Zia Cantina - Music and Illustrations
Tom Fletcher at Page 2 Books - Photography
Emily Traynor at Town Square Fabric and Yarn
Theta Ripple Studio - Painting
Amanda Gamble at Discover Burien
Kevin Kinghorn and Cameron Anderson at Burien Press - Travel Photography
Lantern Making at the Burien Library
NWMM - Fresh art from Northwest Mural Masters in the Art Alley

Poets West at Phoenix Tea

Phoenix Tea will be featuring poetry readings from PoetsWest for August 6th's art walk.

You can learn more about PoetsWest from their website:
"PoetsWest, a Seattle-based nonprofit literary organization, links the poet with readers and listeners in the broader democratic community. Although poets write their poems in solitude, they do take pride in their craft and usually want to share their poems with an audience. PoetsWest coordinates a variety of reading venues, provides a network for poets and poetry, and produces a weekly radio program of poetry, stories and music from the studios of KSER 90.7 FM in Everett, Washington."

September 3rd, 6-9pm
Phoenix Tea
902 SW 152nd St

Burien Arts Gallery presents printmakers in September

Printmakers are taking over the Burien Arts Gallery in September.

Four talented printmakers—Betsy Best, Sam Hamrick, Theresa Neinas and Chris Rollins will display their work Sept. 2 thought Oct. 3 at the Gallery, 826 S.W. 152nd St. in Olde Burien.
Come meet the artists on Friday, Sept. 4 at the Opening Reception, 5-8 p.m.
“In recent years I have traveled from Seattle to Italy and Japan to learn both eastern and western relief printmaking techniques and traditions,” Betsy Best explains. “I challenge myself to incorporate aspects of both in all of my work. The work included here was produced over the course of several years and demonstrates my ongoing attempt to balance the graphic nature of western woodcut practice with the delicacy and gradations included in the Japanese printmaking tradition.”
Notes Sam Hamrick, “”I am primarily interested in people, whether it’s a figure in landscape, a portrait or one of my skeletal musicians.
“My aim is to bring out the individual character or personality of each of each of my subjects and perhaps by doing that shed a little light on one particular aspect of the human condition.”
Theresa Neinas says she knew at an early age she wanted to be an artist.
“I am a storyteller, and like a book or a song, my work does not speak to everyone. That is not my intent,” according to Theresa. “For those of you who are intrigued, I want my work to make you laugh, make you smile, and to move or touch you in a way that cannot be put into words.”
Chris Rollins started making posters six years ago to promote the Hiawatha
 Concert Series, and has been designing and printing posters ever since.
“Most of my colorful designs are commissions for music shows, some are created to commemorate birthdays, and some are for themed art shows,” Chris declares. “I am influenced by the German Expressionist movement, the art of the WPA and Mexican street art. All images are made using the linoleum block printing method and are printed in my home studio in Seattle.”
The Gallery is open Wednesday-Saturday, noon-6 p.m. Call 206-244-7808 for more information.

September 3rd, 6-9pm
Burien Arts Gallery
826 SW 152nd St

Jenny Corcoran and Hunter Stroud at Burien Books

Jenny Corcoran and Hunter Stroud will be showing mixed media/photography art: Scanner Art

Burien Books
Thursday September 3rd, 2015, 6-9pm
824 SW 152nd St

WB Reid at Maven Mercantile

WB Reid has visited nearly every village in the great revival of musical traditions over four decades, including long sojourns in country blues, ragtime, old-time, and early jazz, with side visits to the music of Mexico and Europe. He's had long runs in bands such as the Todalo Shakers and The Tallboys, plus duos with his wife, Bonnie Zahnow, and his clarineting pal, Mark Graham. Solo shows draw on all these roots and reveal a unique and accomplished fingerstyle approach to the guitar, and a personal stamp on both common and obscure songs.

Photography at Osteria da Primo

Primo is back from Italy and ready to share some wonderful photography. Drop in and check it out.

Osteria da Primo
September 3rd, 6-9pm
631 SW 152nd St

Ryan Burns Trio and Narboo at Black Zia Cantina

Narboo will be showing his artwork and starting at 8pm, the very talented Ryan Burns Trio will be playing a set at Black Zia Cantina. Make sure to stop by for the B-Town Beat's after party!

Thursday September 3rd, 8-10pm
Black Zia Cantina
15212 6th Ave SW

Tom Fletcher Photography at Page 2 Books

Tom Fletcher has shown his work at the Burien Farmer's Market. Come visit him at Page 2!

Thursday September 3rd 6-9pm
Page 2 Books
457 SW 152nd St

Emily Traynor at Town Square Fabric and Yarn

Emily Traynor will be showing her portrait photography at Town Square Fabric and Yarn.

I am lifestyle photographer in the Seattle/Tacoma WA area. I specialize in natural lifestyle photography.
It is my passion to reveal to each and every person I photograph just how beautiful and fantastic they already are. I firmly believe that EVERYONE is photogenic and I want to celebrate that!
I believe an image should make you feel something, it should evoke emotion. It should take you back to the moment it happened and a thousand moments connected to it. This is what I want to create for you, moments upon moments that you will have for a lifetime.

Town Square Fabric and Yarn
Thursday September 3rd, 6-9pm
445 SW 152nd St

Theta Ripple Studio - Painting

Alexis St. John is a local Burien artist who as recently acquired a gallery space behind the Discover Burien office. Drop by, see her work, and her works in progress!

For more information about Alexis, visit her website here.

Thursday September 3rd, 6-9pm
Theta Ripple Studio
427 SW 152nd St

Amanda Gamble at Discover Burien

Amanda L. Gamble is passionate about telling stories through bold, competing colors in her paintings, color photography and creating the opposite through her black and white images.

Born hearing impaired, she was placed into an aggressive speech and language program at 3 years old to learn skills she missed in order to catch up and function in the hearing world. 

Because hearing was secondary, she learned to compensate through sight.  Relying on listening to visual cues, subtleties are more noticeable to her in everyday life.  

Seen in some of her photography, Amanda captures objects she perceives are ordinarily missed or overlooked. Certain moments are indicative of what has been left astray and perhaps forgotten about among its environment. 

Wanting to know the true story hits curiosity right in the heart, evoking the imagination to run wild. What are your thoughts? What do you see? What stirs you? Contemplating the object's position is interesting and makes for good conversation.

Amanda's paintings are statement pieces. Some of them reflect coincidentally earth from afar. The organic methods she imposes creates a flow that will not happen twice. What results is purely chance because she is truly in the moment with brush in hand and paint on canvas. 

Her linear works are more structured, however, they too are created with the same technique as the organic pieces. 

In translating sight, feelings and sound to material form, Amanda ultimately brings you fresh, spontaneous, authentic, and ever-expanding art forms. 

Thursday September 3rd, 6-9pm
Discover Burien
427 SW 152nd St

Kevin Kinghorn and Cameron Anderson at Burien Press

Kevin Kinghorn and Cameron Anderson are a couple of Burien Press's regulars and talented photographers, shooting photos all around the world. Check out their inspiring work at Burien Press this Art Walk.

Thursday, September 3rd, 6-9pm
Burien Press
423 SW 152nd St

Lantern Making at the Burien Library

The Burien Library will be offering a Night Lantern Art Workshop for ages 5 and older during the September 3rd B-Town Beat. It will be a drop-in class in the library meeting room from 5pm to 8pm. Local artist Oleana Perry will provide instruction and materials. Participants can take their lanterns to the Arts-a-Glow event the following week!

Burien Library
September 3rd 6-9pm
400 SW 152nd St

NWMM in the Art Alley

Did you know Burien has its own Art Alley? SW 152nd Alley between 4th and 6th Ave SW is full of a variety of professional street art made by local PNW artists. 

Thursday September 3rd, 2015, 6-9pm
Art Alley
SW 152nd Alley between 4th and 6th Ave SW.