In April, Marie White's office will be hosting artist Simone Nolan

Marie White will be hosting artist Simone Nolan for April's B-Town Beat. Hors d'oeuvres and beverages will be served. Make sure to stop by!

About the artist:

Ms. Nolan found that art allowed her to learn, express her life experiences at the metaphorical level, and receive wisdom and answers. An expert in working with charcoal, she is responsible for working with dreams, daydreams, memories and channeling. She also creates drawings and paintings with charcoal, oil paint, ink and mixed media, and helps other artists explore their spirituality, be themselves, and recognize their potential.
Ms. Nolan earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting at Cornish Institute (now Cornish College of the Arts). She attributes her success to her love of art and allowing herself to be present in her art. Looking toward the future, Ms. Nolan hopes to step forward as a recognized professional artist and offer her services to the world.

April 2nd 6-9pm
Marie White Attorney at Law
415 SW 152nd St