Burien Press releases time-lapse of Mantra's Art Alley mural

B-Town Beat member's Burien Press has released a time-lapse of French artist, Mantra, who was kind enough to request partake in our Art Alley Project last August. Mantra painted one large mural behind Burien Press and two smaller murals further west in the Art Alley as well as a privately commissioned mural in Olde Burien in front of the B-Town Beat member, Phoenix Tea.

The following text and video were taken from Burien Press' blog.

"On August 28 and 29, Burien Press was privileged with the opportunity to host traveling French artist, Mantra as part of the B-Town Beat's Art Alley project. This is a time-lapse we created while he painted, Learning Basics.

The Art Alley is located in Burien, Washington in the 152nd Street Alley between 4th Avenue SW and 6th Avenue SW. The B-Town Beat's concept with the Art Alley project is to take a previously undesirable space and use various forms of street and urban art to transform the space into a community hub and economic driver for local businesses. Sam Sneke, one of the members of the B-Town Beat's organizing board and local graffiti artist, heads up the project by connecting with both local and traveling artists to display their work on a rotating basis in the alley. Since 2013, over 20 artists have painted countless murals.

"Self-educated, Mantra translates an essential, innate need of expression in paintings. In 2008 he stared using spay cans. He internalizes the culture of Hip Hop and becomes himself, one of the actors at the Euopean level. Since 2011 closely cooperating with German-French graffiti writer, Love; since 2012 intensifying solo projects.

Mantra's living and realistic style conveys the echo of a complex nature, rich but also delicate. Walls become mirriors, reflecting the scream of a nature we don't hear anymore, ousted by the same constructions built by humans.

His passion pushes him through Europe: Vienna, Paris Annecy, Bressels, Lexemboug, Trier or Wiesbaden.

He translates in a contemporary way legacy of Parietal art. A sort of tribute to surrounding nature." (Mantra Source: http://www.mantrarea.com)

Mantra work is currently on display in the portion of the Art Alley project behind Burien Press. We participate in both the Art Alley project and the B-Town Beat's monthly Music & Art Walk held on the first Thursday of every month.

To learn more about the B-Town Beat's monthly Music & Art Walk or the Art Alley project, visit b-townbeat.com.

To learn more about Mantra's Learning Basics or any of his other work, visit mantrarea.com.

Special thanks to Mantra for creating art in Burien while traveling in Washington in August of 2014."