Help support the November 6 Beat & Transform Burien Food & Clothing Drive by spreading the word!

The November 6th B-Town Beat Music & Art Walk and Transform Burien Food & Clothing Drive is just under a week away and we would love your support spreading the word about the event in this final stretch. 

There are a number of easy ways that you can help us get the word out and we've made tools to help with a few of them: In person, with our Facebook event and finally, with images on your favorite social media platform. 

In person

Despite how cool apps and smartphones have become, and how slick websites like Facebook and Google+ are, there's still nothing more effective than personal invitation and recommendation. If you want to help get people to the event to have a good time, support the local business and arts community, and support the work that Transform Burien does to help those in need around Burien, the most effective way is just to ask friends and family to meet you there. Plan to get dinner at one of the many great eateries in downtown Burien, meet at one of the many art openings on the Beat, or plan to meet somewhere that has live music. For those of you who want to do something a little more promotional like or have good places to set a stack of fliers, we've put together a PDF of a printer paper sized invitational handbills that can be printed and cut into three individual invitations. You can download the document here: 

B-Town Beat November 6th Music & Art Walk and Transform Burien Food & Clothing Driver PDF Printer-Sided Invitations.

Facebook Event Invitation

A super easy and somewhat effective way to help us get the word out is by using our event invitation on Facebook. The first thing you can do is just RSVP. The next step in getting the word out is to share a link on your wall and invite people using the "Invite" button located at the top right corner of the event listing on Facebook. From there you can individually invite people, narrow down the list by displaying only people who live in the Burien area, and by hitting "select all" and sending the invitation out. 

Whenever you're using Facebook, it's important to know that Facebook limits how many people are allowed to see posts by pages and shows it to more people if the page pays for it, or if the post is very popular. The more popular the post, the more people Facebook will allow to see it for without charging the page. That's where every one of our supporters is invaluable. If you see something about the event on Facebook, "liking" it and sharing it will automatically prompt Facebook to show it to more people. Before you go and get on and share everything though, keep in mind that the people closest to you might get a little overwhelmed if their news feeds become a commercial for the B-Town Beat, so share the most important stuff but like everything. The simplest, and actually most effective way to get Facebook to show our posts to more people is simply just to click on the content. Whether it's a photo, a link or just a blurb of text, clicking on it, even if you just open it and close it, will be the very most effective way to get more people to see it. In our testing, we found that clicking on something is twice as effective as liking or sharing something. Here's a link to our Facebook event invitation: 

November 6th B-Town Beat Music & Art Walk and Transform Burien Food and Clothing Drive Facebook Event Listing. (

Images on Social Media

Whether your favorite social media platform is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or you prefer to use platforms like Google+, Myspace and Friendster where you can be a little more alone, the use of branded imagery can be a great way to spread the word if a lot of people are doing it. We've put together a number of images that can be used across the social media spectrum for things such as profile pictures, Facebook cover photos, Instagram photos or just simple tweets. 

When using these images, remember to use descriptions to put the content in the proper context of the platform you are using. On Facebook, tag the B-Town Beat by typing @b-town beat and clicking on our page when we pop up and don't forget to post a link to our event or website in your description. On Instagram, don't forget to tag us using "@btownbeat" and using hashtags such as #btownbeat, #transformburien, #burien, #burienwa, #musicandartwalk, #seattleartwalk, #pnwlife, #seattleart or whatever is relevant to what you are talking about. The more relevant and popular hashtags, the more people that will see it. Just don't go overboard though. It's easy to have a negative effect using things like hashtags when you get cheap and start tagging things that aren't relevant. Just tag appropriately and watch the magic happen. The same basically goes for whatever other social media you are using. Include a clear little description of the event and a link to our profile page or website. 

Whatever you decide to do, we are so thankful for your help! We hope that November 6th will be the most amazing Music & Art Walk yet and be an awesome blessing to Transform Burien and this entire community. Thanks for your help!