Keller Williams will be hosting Ron Weinstein for November Art Walk

Ron Weinstein playing at Keller Williams

Make sure to visit Keller Williams on November 6 from 6-9pm. They will be hosting a great artist, Ron Weinstein.

Ron Weinstein grew up in New York City and began playing piano when he was 7. In 1968 he moved to San Francisco with the other Hippies and later took Jazz lessons from Jim Roussey. Ron's early gigs included solo piano and drunken singing at the Albatross in North Beach and keys in an Asian underground disco band. Ron came to Seattle in 1987 and took lessons from Jerome Gray. He played lunch time piano for a few years at the New Orleans and Hammond B3 in various blues bands with John Hodgkin, Tim Sherman, and Lee Oskar.  Currently he plays in Crack Sabbath, the JD Hobson Band, the Yada Yada Blues Band, the Jelly Rollers and the Suffering Mike and Ron with Thomas Marriott as a frequent guest. Ron currently leads a piano trio Sundays at Vito's and Tuesdays and Fridays at Brass Tacks.